A Woman’s Worst Enemy 

​This is for the women, 

The fair, and weak ones

Who were raised upon flower beds

And the women,

Who were taught that being a woman 

Meant love

And sacrifice. 

This is for the women 

Born with the same hearts

That toughened with time 

And words, that were harsh.

The women, unpretty

The women, unfit 

The women who could change the world 

The women who could love beyond their power 

But the women nobody looked up to.

A question, about the women,

The treacherous, the liars,

Women who are fire

Who burn and break and put lives at stake

They do exist.

Among us, the ones 

With venomous tongues

Poisoning hearts, crushing hopes

Inciting hate, blinding loved ones 

Could a woman be a woman’s greatest enemy? 

In a world that searches for love

Could a woman be the one who ignites it?

Destroys it for feeble, petty wishes?

Could a woman be the evil?

On the other side of the picture 

Behind the raised hand

Of a wicked, violent man,

Could another woman be the devil?

Could a woman decide the destiny 

Of another unfortunate woman?

Could a woman be the ruler

Over another enslaved woman?

And this is where the tables turn

Where a woman,

The very powerful and pretty one,

Raises the stakes, 

Gambling away another woman’s life 

The one who’s not so pretty, not so vile.

So I beg to question, 

For the sake of those women, 

Incompatible, because ugly, 

Weak, because silent, 

In this so called male dominated society, 

Isn’t a woman a woman’s worst enemy?


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